Yamaha YFL 212U Flute

The Yamaha YFL 212U Flute is perfect for any small people wanting to begin their flute journey… as a well loved and respected brand Yamaha have designed this flute to fit into small hands the special U shape Headjoint brings the flute body closer minimising the arm stretch that is needed for a straight headed flute. The added benefit that the 212U has is that a straight Headjoint is also included in the case so when the little players arms grow you don’t need to purchase a whole new flute!

  • Silver plated throughout
  • Closed holes
  • Offset G, E mechanism
  • Thickened key posts for improved durability
  • Instrument is supplied in a sturdy plastic case with carrying handle & case cover and includes cleaning rod, internal gauze and polishing cloth.

About Yamaha
Established in 1987, and named after Torakusu Yamaha, the ever popular brand, 'Yamaha' have had a renowned history of quality, reliability and artistic excellence in the field of instrument making. Yamaha instruments are durable and well built, enabling players to create attractive and responsive sounds, excellent projection and even intonation. Yamaha have a vast range of instruments to their name from beginner to professional models, it is through their design processes that they continue to develop, evolving to suit the musicians needs incorporating different technologies in order to stay at the forefront of instrument making.

1. On arrival, every Clarinet & Flute is checked & adjusted in-store. This is essential as every instrument requires some attention after its long journey from the factory.

2. Once sold, every Clarinet & Flute is checked & regulated for a second time as the set-up can be affected by the new materials expanding & contracting according to environmental conditions.

3. New instruments purchased from us can be returned within a year for a FREE check over and adjustment.

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