Situated within the almighty London store CLARINET & FLUTE LONDON is a hub for all woodwind players. We stock a variety of instruments for the student, player and professional. Bringing music retail into the 21st century, we offer a professional and welcoming environment with an array of testing rooms, allowing you plenty of time and space to try out instruments.

With a specialist team of music professionals, CLARINET & FLUTE LONDON offers a trustworthy reliable service from people who are experienced in their field. We know firsthand what it is like to buy a new instrument whether you are a beginner or a professional and want you to relax and enjoy exploring the instruments and accessories we have to offer. CLARINET & FLUTE LONDON’S ethos is to ensure that you have the perfect fit, so that you are able to focus on making the music! Our experts are happy to make recommendations to help you meet your criteria.

CLARINET & FLUTE LONDON is a vibrant hub for all those that love music. You can relax knowing that you have the best guidance.

We offer: 

  • An extensive clarinet department complete with Buffet, Selmer, Yamaha, Ubel, Leblanc, Amati, RZ Woodwind & Trevor James
  • A full choice of flutes from student to conservatoire standard.
  • The largest range of harmonicas in the UK (Available in every key)
  • Accessories galore from mouthpieces, cleaning material to cases and stands
  • A wide range of sheet music, manuscript and metronomes