About The Workshop

We are proud to offer a high quality repair department where our highly-trained technicians can repair, service and overhaul your Clarinet or Flute

From complete rebuilds to just simple "on the spot" adjustments, all welcome. 


Levels of Service

End of Year Checkover

If you purchased your instrument from us, we offer a free check over at the end of the first year to ensure that your instrument is in good working order.

This includes a light clean, oiling of the mechanism, check of the pads seating and general adjustments throughout the instrument.

This can usually be completed within a day as long as it has been booked in advance

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General Playing Order

When a full service is not required or affordable a GPO  will get your instrument into good working order, including:

  • Pad seating checked throughout
  • Adjustments & regulation checked
  • Worn/broken/missing corks & felts replaced
  • Mechanism oiled
  • A light clean

All GPO’s are individually assessed and quoted for on a time taken basis at a rate of £70 per hour.

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Full Service

This is your general MOT for your instrument. The level of use of your instrument will determine how frequently you will need a full service. For a new instrument we recommend getting a full service at around 18 months to 2 years. Generally after this you can expect to service your instrument every year to 18 months.

Regular services will keep your instrument in tip top condition and will help to avoid costly repair bills!

A Full Service includes:

  • Full strip down, clean & polish of the key work & body
  • Clean mechanism, strip & clean pinned mechanism
  • Straighten bent key work
  • Replace worn pads & re-seat pads
  • Replace worn corks & felts
  • Re-felt key work
  • Oil mechanism
  • Balance & regulate instrument throughout

Service costs will vary depending on the make and model of your instrument plus how much work is required. An accurate quote can be given once we have seen and assessed the instrument.

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This is the highest level of service we offer. This puts your instrument into ‘as new’ condition.

Work included is the same as a general service plus:

  • All pads replaced
  • All corks & felts replaced
  • Tone holes rebuilt as necessary
  • All tenon corks replaced (as necessary)

Different pad options are available, please call us to discuss your requirements.

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Small Repairs

We also offer small repairs and are priced on an individual case basis. Basic re-corks and adjustments are subject to our minimum charge of £20.