Pomarico Jazz Series Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece

Pomarico Jazz series Bb crystal mouthpieces for Clarinet. Made from pure Italian crystal give impressive acoustical properties. This mouthpiece is available in 2 different finishes, the Jazz * and the Jazz **, this refers to both the facing length and its tip opening (see below for facing specifications).
The benefits of crystal mouthpieces are hygiene and reliability. Having the ability to wash after every use without degrading the material, unlike traditional rubber/ebonite mouthpieces, they will maintain their characteristics even after many years of use.

Pomarico chose crystal as the material to create a mouthpiece, for its reliability and its sound conduction properties. A good test for showing this is to clink a crystal, and from this you can see how clear and long lasting the note is. This is unlike any other material used to forge mouthpieces. They are unique products due to the material chosen; it is totally stable and acoustically perfect unlike some other mouthpiece substances.

The Pomarico range are completely different to anything else on the market. Not only in its material, but its tonal capabilities. The Jazz mouthpiece offers a big sound, harmonic richness and flexibility. With all the projection you could want, this is made for Jazz clarinettists who want freedom to explore your own musical voice.

About Pomarico
Founded in 1950 by Cosimo Pomarico in a small village near Milan in northern Italy. Knowing that mouthpieces were not always good quality and caused many problems for clarinettists, so decided to create a better solution. When designing a new style of mouthpiece the main considerations was to create an excellent mouthpiece, which even with a decent clarinet gives very good results and a reliable material that wouldn’t degrade over time. After examining and testing various materials Pomarico’s choice was crystal. Since the death of Cosimo Pomarico in 1990, his son-in-law Giorgio Clerici, who had worked with him since 1977 took over manufacturing the mouthpieces.

1. On arrival, every Clarinet & Flute is checked & adjusted in-store. This is essential as every instrument requires some attention after its long journey from the factory.

2. Once sold, every Clarinet & Flute is checked & regulated for a second time as the set-up can be affected by the new materials expanding & contracting according to environmental conditions.

3. New instruments purchased from us can be returned within a year for a FREE check over and adjustment.

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