Leuthner French Cut Standard Clarinet Reeds

The Leuthner French Cut Standard Clarinet Reeds as known for their clear, warm and full sound. This goes across all registers. They have excellent play ability and response and have become very popular very quickly with many Pro players. The French style of play teamed with the Viennese tonal tradition makes for an excellent design. That, and the high end craftsmanship and top quality French-Var cane that Leuthner uses, have proven to produce a consistency to more than rival some of the biggest reed names out there. Proving very popular here in London its definitely worth popping in to the Vibe and seeing for yourself.

  • Available in strengths 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4,
  • Box of 10
  • Crafted reed tip
  • Thicker heart for resonance

About Leuthner
Peter Leuthner started his company in 1997 after playing for many years in the Vienna State Opera and the Vienna Philharmonic. From the start the Leuthner Studio has had a unique way of combining the Viennese tradition of reed construction with state of the art technology. As a professional musician Leuthner puts his main focus on using the highest quality materials as well as attaining technical perfection when manufacturing the reeds. During model development he is able to rely on feedback from colleagues who have played in various international top orchestras. These top clarinetists still test the new models before the cut goes into general production.

1. On arrival, every Clarinet & Flute is checked & adjusted in-store. This is essential as every instrument requires some attention after its long journey from the factory.

2. Once sold, every Clarinet & Flute is checked & regulated for a second time as the set-up can be affected by the new materials expanding & contracting according to environmental conditions.

3. New instruments purchased from us can be returned within a year for a FREE check over and adjustment.

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