Silverstein Ligatures Review

We are proud to stock Silverstein ligatures and would encourage you to try them out in our showroom. They are based on the tradition of string ligatures, where as much vibration as possible is met, due to the reed being left very free. Believe it or not, but this can seriously differ your sound- probably much more than you think. They make a huge difference to the response of the reed and the openness of sound; So the potential for freedom of the cane is greatly improved.
The string is actually made from aerospace graded chord technology: - take that for an upgrade! 
The additional feature of a screw fixing at the back adds or removes darkness of tone, and fine tuners are also on the edge of the ligature to help shape the sound and colour even more. 
The interspersed aero chord is a unique way of dispersing vibration, which can be controlled and altered in many ways to suit you.
We have tested the CRY04 ligature, where it is easily taken on and off of the mouthpiece, and the fine tuners alone hold the reed in place very securely - allowing  greater flexibility in tightening or loosening the back screw. This creates a spread sound which can be made darker if the player wants to leave the back screw loose, much more so than other ligatures. You may be able to achieve a particular sound with another maker's ligature setup such as the Rovner Versa X but we don't feel it offers the same breadth of flexibility in tone as this new design.