Buffet R13 vs Buffet RC

Buffet RC and Buffet R13 Bores

Buffet have provided a broad range of Buffet models, starting with the RC and R13 models; They are both made in the same factory, but have different bore designs.

The bore in a musical instrument is its internal chamber and how it is shaped.The manufacturers,use conical,and cylindrical shapes,of all different sizes within the main body of the clarinet: 'the bore' -this affects the tone, response and intonation of the instrument.

 The R13; which is the most chosen professional clarinet model in the world, was originally designed by Robert Coree in 1955.It has a poly-cylindrical bore, whereas the RC has similar cylindrical sections, but it is mainly a conical bore, especially in the lower joint. The RC was redesigned in 2014 benefitting from a decade of research and development and played by many top professionals today too. It was again based on Coree's design.

The R13 will generally speaking, produce a rounder sound, and the RC will be a more focussed sound.However, your setup (reeds, mouthpiece and embouchure, etc) will always be different from another musicians; meaning you should try out both bore types in the buffet range! - and maybe even look at adjusting your setup to suit the clarinet. This will enable you to produce your best sound.

We stock both RC and R13 clarinets within our store where you are welcome to try them both out.

Some of the higher end clarinets such as the Prestige can either be bought with an R13 bore or RC bore. Feel free to ask about the bore designs in store, where we will be happy to help.