Buffet's New ICON Barrel

This new barrel has a tapered bore, rather than a standard straight bore design, where the taper flares outwards towards the lower end. This creates projection and a higher degree of definition in articulation.

We are impressed by the secure intonation and sound, where the word ICON comes from 'Inverse CONical'. A lot of people are liking this new range, including top professionals, and would recommend you to come and try them out, particularly if you are looking for a higher degree of precision in your sound.

The Icon Barrels come in three different finishes: Gold, Nickel , and Slver. These have a slight influence on the sound. For instance the Gold finish should help to improve the resonation of high notes, silver should round the sound all over and the nickel will resonate somewhere in between the two. These are certainly smart barrels which we feel are ever growing in popularity.