Harmonica, also know as the mouth organ, is a popular instrument by performers in a different music genres - from country, pop, blues and more. The harmonica is usually played by the lead musician as a creative contrast between sounds. One of the most popular harmonica player is Stevie Wonder.

Harmonica sounds are made by blowing air through sets of mini pipes within the harmonica instrument, producing a vibrant and eloquent sound. The harmonica pitch can vary between notes as air moves through different pitches, creating a dynamic blend of sounds on the ends of notes. 

At Clarinet & Flute, our harmonicas are great value for money - especially if you are looking to play the harmonica for fun or expanding your sound taste. 

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Our Harmonicas for sale includes, Seydel, Lee Oskar, Tremolo and Hohner harmonicas and other quality chromatic and diatonic harmonicas. Seydel is one of the oldest harmonica manufacturers from Germany, and you can click here to see their collections. 

The Hohner Harmonica is a great chromatics choice and available in various keys. Our range of Tombo harmonicas (Japan) includes the superb Tombo Band Deluxe model solo-tuned for the traditional tune player. Hering harmonicas (Brazil) have become very popular in recent years offering sturdy, compact and airtight chromatic and diatonic models at competitive prices. Our types of harmonica within all brands includes diatonic harmonicas, chromatic harmonicas and solo tone harmonicas. 

Harmonica Cases & Belts

We also sell harmonicas cases and belts for new beginners and professional harmonica players. They include harmonica gig bags, harmonica belts and harmonica cases. Our aim is to cater to all sorts of professionals, musicians and harmonica customers by providing world class products and services.

Have a look at our Blog section for harmonica care advice and more.

All of our harmonicas are fully checked and set-up by our experienced team. Regardless of size or price - all harmonicas go through the same process.

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