Walter Grabner 1st Chair Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece - SALE PRICE!

$42 $53
SALE of new but unboxed, ex-display clarinet mouthpieces. Very limited stock and often only one of each model available.
  • Designed specifically for the intermediate to advanced student
  • Manufactured to the highest quality
  • Inspected and hand finished
  • Play-tested
  • Provides superb intonation, A = 440 pitch
  • Produces a full, rich, mature tone
  • Builds good embouchure habits
  • Provides ultra fast response for correct tonguing
  • Optimized for Vandoren 3 ½ strength reeds.
Finally, a high quality mouthpiece for the emerging student. Not a mouthpiece that goes from the facing machine to final packaging, but one that is inspected, play tested, and hand-finished. Designed for the most popular reeds, and is very embouchure and reed friendly. Ready to play the Mozart and Weber Concertos and any of the Rose etudes at the very highest standard.

1. On arrival, every Clarinet & Flute is checked & adjusted in-store. This is essential as every instrument requires some attention after its long journey from the factory.

2. Once sold, every Clarinet & Flute is checked & regulated for a second time as the set-up can be affected by the new materials expanding & contracting according to environmental conditions.

3. New instruments purchased from us can be returned within a year for a FREE check over and adjustment.

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