Amati ACL 361S Eb Clarinet


The Amati ACL 361S Eb Clarinet is a great quality grenadilla wood instrument. It also has a cocobolo wood bell. It enables players to produce responsive, colourful tones with excellent projection across the whole range of the instrument. A good option for a first Eb clarinet. The 61S comes with the added benefit of 2 barrels, for tuning adjustment, and an adjustable thumb rest.

  • Boehm system standard model
  • 17 keys, 6 rings
  • Bore 13mm (.512")
  • Grenadilla wood body
  • Cocobolo wood bell
  • 2 barrels
  • Adjustable thumb rest with ring for neck strap
  • Silver-plated keywork
  • CITES Appendix II Wood

About Amati

Amati Brass & Woodwind are based in the Czech Republic and are one of the biggest manufacturers of musical instruments in Europe. With a team of 200 skilled Czech craftsman, Amati produce a range of unique and high quality wind instruments from student to professional with a particular emphasis on advanced instruments. Amati combine traditional methods with advanced techniques to create instruments known for their reliable intonation, mellow sound quality, good projection and excellent value for money. As a company, they continuously strive to develop modern instrument design to produce instruments of outstanding quality.

1. On arrival, every Clarinet & Flute is checked & adjusted in-store. This is essential as every instrument requires some attention after its long journey from the factory.

2. Once sold, every Clarinet & Flute is checked & regulated for a second time as the set-up can be affected by the new materials expanding & contracting according to environmental conditions.

3. New instruments purchased from us can be returned within a year for a FREE check over and adjustment.

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